Kristof Meyer was born in Hamburg in 1982. 
His work involves theatrical-looking pictorial spaces in which the viewer is often presented with a colorful, seemingly unreal, urban scenery inhabited by people and animals.
Everyday situations, familiar to everyone, are brought into a new context. Several levels overlap and open or close the pictorial space. Architectural elements, such as houses, children's playgrounds and entire housing complexes, complement each other to create a world that allows for a surreal spectacle of the characters within it. Each of the protagonists seems to be fully focused on himself and his just performed action. The figures are often accompanied by blocks of color and surfaces which they interact with in various ways, displaying an action that raises questions for the viewer.
The artist works mostly with oil on canvas. Other materials, such as glass, are also used as the basis of his visual worlds with a combination of collage and painting techniques. In Meyer’s works, experimenting with various materials, including wood or sandpaper, attempts to show the aesthetics of each processed medium and to anchor as a mood, stylistic device and form of expression in the overall composition.

Kristof Meyer's images are enigmatic and reveal their interpretations only sparsely; at the same time, they open up the possibility of imagining relationships, interactions, even entire stories and connections between the figures and their environment.


Kristof Meyer
lives and works in Hamburg

1982  born in Hamburg
2007  diploma of fine arts, Ottersberg, DE


2023    Werkschau, Fantastic Frank, Hamburg, DE
2010   "AUS DER ARBEIT", Seminarturnhalle, Stade, DE
2005   "Supermärkte", Galerie Gerhart, Stade, DE


2022   "Artstadt", Hamburg, DE
2019   "ROLLENBILD", TUHH, Hamburg, DE
2018   "KUBOSHOW", Kunstmesse, Herne, DE
2015   "THEATRE", Triumph Gallerie, Moscow, RU
2013   "Das Itten Experiment", Artrmx eV., Cologne, DE
2012    Atelierzentrum Ehrenfeld, Cologne, DE
2011    LA45, Berlin, DE
2009    KVG, Stade, DE
2008    Förderpreis, Städtische Galerie, Bremen, DE
2007    Galerie Herold, Bremen, DE
2006    Buthmannshof, Fischerhude, DE

Awards, Prizes

2009    Arbeitsstipendium der Stadt Stade, DE
2006    Kunstpreisträger, Landkreis Verden, DE